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    • Dutch Wasabi Sake tasting 3x 300ml Gift Pack

    Sake tasting 3x 300ml Gift Pack

    3 beautiful sake bottles of 300ml to experience the rich taste palette of sake in a luxurious gift box.

    -11% Sale

    56,- € 49,95

    • The Wasabi Company Sudachi kombu ponzu

    Sudachi kombu ponzu

    A traditional ponzu sauce suitable for vegans. The peppery lime flavour of fresh sudachi juice combines with kombu seaweed stock for a rich umami flavour that is the essence of Japanese cuisine. Ready to use direct on salads or as part of a dressing, an e

    € 16,75

    • Rooij Miraiden Santoku 170mm

    Miraiden Santoku 170mm

    This Santoku knife with a AUS10 core is similar to the Santoku. Suitable for chopping, dicing and slicing. This knife is slightly smaller than the Gyoto's from this series and is therefore slightly lighter.

    € 139,-

    • Tomasu Tomasu Sweet Soy Sauce 200ml

    Tomasu Sweet Soy Sauce 200ml

    Brewed in the Netherlands, this sweet soy sauce is a combination of Tomasu’s signature soy sauce and sugar, extracted from locally harvested sugar beets. Creating an exciting balance of salty and sweet. When combined, these two seemingly contradictory tas

    € 20,-

    • Nagatani-en Kamado-San 5 Cups rice cooker

    Kamado-San 5 Cups rice cooker

    An authentic Donabe for rice and other dishes. The way the Donabe is heated and builds up pressure, you get extra tasty and fluffy rice.

    € 295,-

    • NISHIKAWA SHOTEN Wasabi oil 55gr

    Wasabi oil 55gr

    Made with fresh wasabi. Sharp flavor. Great for seasoning carpaccios, tartares, sushi, salads, rare steaks or pizza. For fish carpaccios, it works best with white fish. Beautiful with raw langoustines and shrimps or scallops.

    € 19,50

    • Rooij Miraiden Gyuto 210mm

    Miraiden Gyuto 210mm

    The Japanese version of the classic Western chef's knife with a AUS10 core. A all-rounder which you can use to chop, cut and rock.

    € 169,-

    • Rooij Tawa Nakiri 180mm

    Tawa Nakiri 180mm

    This Nakiri knife is sharpened on 2 sides with a thin blade profile and is very popular. It is mainly used for chopping, slicing and mincing fruits and vegetables quickly and efficiently.

    € 184,-

    • Dutch Wasabi Sake tasting 3x 300ml

    Sake tasting 3x 300ml

    3 beautiful sake bottles of 300ml to experience the rich taste palette of sake.

    -7% Sale

    53,50 € 49,50

    • Sakai Takayuki Yanagiba 270 mm AUS-8 INOX

    Yanagiba 270 mm AUS-8 INOX

    Perfect for cutting sashimi made from a very user-friendly AUS-8 stainless steel.

    € 165,-

    • Sakura rice vinegar

    Sakura rice vinegar

    An amazing vinegar flavored with sakura blossom.

    € 17,95

    • The Wasabi Company Vegan Miso mayonnaise

    Vegan Miso mayonnaise

    An all natural vegan miso mayonnaise bringing a rich, umami flavour.

    € 4,95

    • Dutch Wasabi Sake intro tasting set

    Sake intro tasting set

    Surprise yourself or someone else with this sake tasting set. A nice collection of 5 accessible sake that give an insight into the versatility of sake.

    € 21,50

    • Tomasu Tomasu Sweet Spicy Soy Sauce 100ml

    Tomasu Sweet Spicy Soy Sauce 100ml

    Brewed in The Netherlands, this sweet & spicy soy sauce is flavored with sugar, extracted from locally harvested sugar beets, sesame seeds and Madam Jeanette peppers. Using Tomasu’s signature soy sauce as a basis, the heat is softened, allowing the taste

    € 12,50

    • Yuzu juice powder

    Yuzu juice powder

    Premium yuzu powder made from yuzu juice from the Kochi prefecture.

    € 10,75

    • Zeeuwsche Zoute Zeeuwsche Salt Samphire

    Zeeuwsche Salt Samphire

    Sea salt and Samphire from the Dutch Oosterschelde from Zeeuwsche Zoute in a beautiful glass jar.

    -15% Sale

    9,95 € 8,45

    • KOHNO VINEGAR Akazu sushi vinegar 150ml

    Akazu sushi vinegar 150ml

    Red sushi vinegar to give your sushi a nice umami seasoning.

    € 8,50

    • Dutch Wasabi Sudachi


    Averaging 3-4 centimeters in diameter. Juicy, aromatic, an acidic, sharp, and tart flavor with herbal undertones and notes of cumin, dill, and white pepper.

    € 5,-

    • Rooij Tawa Sujihiki 270mm

    Tawa Sujihiki 270mm

    Long, narrow, graceful Sujihiki knife that is mainly used for removing tendons and fat from meat, portioning meat or fish, or for filleting and skinning fish.

    € 235,-

    • Dutch Wasabi Dutch Wasabi BBQ Pack

    Dutch Wasabi BBQ Pack

    Box containing fresh wasabi, Yakiniku dipping sauce, grater and bamboo brush in a beautiful gift box.

    € 49,95

    • The Wasabi Company Wasabi mustard

    Wasabi mustard

    An original, all natural mustard recipe specifically created to combine with the authentic flavour of fresh wasabi grown

    € 5,95

    • Inoue Honten Manyo Komachi White miso

    Manyo Komachi White miso

    Sweet and soft. Artisanal white miso.

    € 12,95

    • Katō Miso Kyoto white miso

    Kyoto white miso

    Authentic Kyoto-style white miso with a sweet and creamy taste.

    € 13,95

    • 20 years aged Mirin

    20 years aged Mirin

    This mirin is more full-bodied and has a more complex flavor than a traditional mirin. A combination of brown sugar, caramel, rum and raisin combined in a full but smooth taste, without the usual alcohol aftertaste.

    € 18,95

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