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    • Hokkai Hokkai – De Japanse keuken voor de thuiskok

    Hokkai – De Japanse keuken voor de thuiskok

    Hokkai has been a household name in spreading authentic Japanese cuisine in Europe since 1993. This book explores everyday Japanese home cooking, katei-ryori. With special stories and beautiful photos.

    € 34,99

    • Shiso syrop

    Shiso syrop

    Concentrated purple shiso syrup. Perfect for a delicious mocktail or dessert.

    € 17,50

    • Yuzu Kararin

    Yuzu Kararin

    Classic must-have Japanese condiment of the highest quality; yuzu zest, red chilli, green chilli and salt.

    € 13,50

    • Fukuchiyo Shuzō Nabeshima Ginjo

    Nabeshima Ginjo

    The perfect ginjo sake, from the artisanal top-brewery Fukuchiyo, with a luxurious daiginjo-level polishing rate of 50%. Nabeshima Ginjo is a most elegant sake. Strong yet not-overbearing fruity aroma and a light but tasteful body. Slightly sweet with bal

    € 40,95

    • Dutch Wasabi Dutch Wasabi® Leaves 10 st (100gram)

    Dutch Wasabi® Leaves 10 st (100gram)

    These heart-shape wasabi leaves are about 20cm wide. Great for pickling and decoration. Vibrant color and texture.

    € 9,50

    • Konro Binchotan Maitiew Vietnam 10kg

    Binchotan Maitiew Vietnam 10kg

    Binchotan charcoal made from Mai tiew with a high mineral content for a unique taste.
    4-6 hours burn time, little to no smoke.

    € 104,95

    • Dutch Wasabi Kaffir lime tree large

    Kaffir lime tree large

    Hardy, 100-120 cm in heigth. This special Japanese Citrus is very popular for its aromatic scent and taste. These trees usually give the first fruit within 2 years.

    € 74,-

    • Tomasu Tomasu Signature soy souce Salt 100ml

    Tomasu Signature soy souce Salt 100ml

    Brewed in The Netherlands, Tomasu has grown its own soy beans and wheat in the Hoeksche Waard. These ingredients are combined with spring water and natural coarse grey sea salt, harvested in Bretagne, France. The fermentation is started by the addition of

    € 15,-

    • Dutch Wasabi Konro Grill Diatomite 54x23x20cmh B-10

    Konro Grill Diatomite 54x23x20cmh B-10

    Original Japanese Diatomite Konro Grill

    € 459,-

    • Kirei Shuzō Kirei Karakuchi 80

    Kirei Karakuchi 80

    Full-body, slightly dry sake. Rich combination of a deep rice-taste, lots of umami, and a pleasant light aroma. Limited-edition, small-volume brew with an extremely high cost-performance.
    This all-round sake can be enjoyed at all temperatures and combin

    € 22,50

    • SATO BREWERY Yakiniku Sauce 300ml

    Yakiniku Sauce 300ml

    A delightful Japanese-style dipping sauce with many uses. A delicious mix of savory, sweet and spicyness with a powerful sesame flavor.

    € 6,95

    • Koto Kyoto Negi oil

    Negi oil

    Award-winning Japanese oil with an exceptionally soft negi flavor.

    € 27,95

    • Shiso delight

    Shiso delight

    Umeboshi plum juice flavored with purple shiso and mikan juice.

    € 24,50

    • Hokkai Hokkai Kioke white miso

    Hokkai Kioke white miso

    Authentically aged white miso in wooden barrels. This miso is not overpowering but full of umami.

    € 17,50

    • KOHNO VINEGAR Akazu sushi vinegar 150ml

    Akazu sushi vinegar 150ml

    Red sushi vinegar to give your sushi a nice umami seasoning.

    € 9,95

    • NISHIKAWA SHOTEN Wasabi oil 55gr

    Wasabi oil 55gr

    Made with fresh wasabi. Sharp flavor. Great for seasoning carpaccios, tartares, sushi, salads, rare steaks or pizza. For fish carpaccios, it works best with white fish. Beautiful with raw langoustines and shrimps or scallops.

    € 21,-

    • OKAZUKE Salt Pickled Sakura 30g

    Salt Pickled Sakura 30g

    Preserved in salt and ume plum vinegar, these Sakura blossoms keep their pink color and shape. Perfect for decorating pastries, making Sakura tea, etc. Soak in water to remove excess salt.

    € 5,95

    • Heiwa Shuzō Natsu Mikan - Heiwa Mandarin sake

    Natsu Mikan - Heiwa Mandarin sake

    Made with juice of the Japanese summer tangerine. Bittersweet and slightly sour.

    € 29,80

    • Dutch Wasabi Dutch yellow ripe Yuzu

    Dutch yellow ripe Yuzu

    Season starts November 2023.
    Ripe yuzu is an aromatic and complex blend of citrus with notes of mandarin, grapefruit and lemon.

    € 7,50

    • Dutch Wasabi Buddha's hand 1st

    Buddha's hand 1st

    Extraordinary and aromatic citrus fruit. Without juice but with a wonderfully sweet citrus aroma.

    € 22,-

    • Ogasawara Isshi Soden Mirin

    Isshi Soden Mirin

    Mirin made in a traditional way, using only mochi rice, koij rice and shōchū, and aged for three years. Very high in umami resulting in a viscous texture and intense caramelized taste. A tiny amount of this mirin will enrich dish and also delicious as a s

    € 24,-

    • The Wasabi Company Sudachi kombu ponzu

    Sudachi kombu ponzu

    A traditional ponzu sauce suitable for vegans. The peppery lime flavour of fresh sudachi juice combines with kombu seaweed stock for a rich umami flavour that is the essence of Japanese cuisine. Ready to use direct on salads or as part of a dressing, an e

    € 16,75

    • The Wasabi Company Yuzu mayonnaise

    Yuzu mayonnaise

    The aromatic and tart flavour of fresh yuzu, with notes of lemon, mandarin and grapefruit, combines exceptionally well with this all natural mayonnaise.

    € 4,95

    • Uehara Shuzō Soma no Tengu

    Soma no Tengu

    Unpasteurized and undiluted ginjo sake. Still contains the finest part of the fermentation sediment, resulting in a cloudy colour and a very delicate rice fragrance. Full-bodied dry sake, with a velvety aftertaste. Drink at all temperatures. Store dark an

    € 17,50

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