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    • Dutch Wasabi Dutch Wasabi/Soy sauce Gift Pack

    Dutch Wasabi/Soy sauce Gift Pack

    Unique wasabi gift box. Nice as a gift or as Christmas box. This box consists of 50 grams of fresh wasabi, Tomasu Soy sauce (salt), our Dutch Wasabi grater and a bamboo brush. These products are packed in our black Dutch Wasabi gift box.

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    54,50 € 51,75

    • KOHNO VINEGAR Akazu sushi vinegar 150ml

    Akazu sushi vinegar 150ml

    Red sushi vinegar to give your sushi a nice umami seasoning.

    € 9,95

    • Dutch Wasabi Dutch Wasabi® Stalks 200gram

    Dutch Wasabi® Stalks 200gram

    Wasabi leaf stalks are the long slim stems attached to the rhizome and the leaves. They have a nice wasabi flavour with a mild wasabi heat. Thinly sliced as spring unions and dressed with one of our Japanese ponzus they make a rich, citrus dressed salad.

    € 8,75

    • Dutch Wasabi Yakitori bars for Konro B9

    Yakitori bars for Konro B9

    Set stainless steel bars specially designed for the Konro B9 grill. Perfect for your Yakitori.

    € 29,-

    • Koppert Cress Kaffir Lime Leaves 25 pcs

    Kaffir Lime Leaves 25 pcs

    The product is frequently used in Asian cuisine, for instance in soups, curries, or to add flavour to rice.

    € 13,95

    • Fukuchiyo Shuzō Nabeshima Ginjo

    Nabeshima Ginjo

    The perfect ginjo sake, from the artisanal top-brewery Fukuchiyo, with a luxurious daiginjo-level polishing rate of 50%. Nabeshima Ginjo is a most elegant sake. Strong yet not-overbearing fruity aroma and a light but tasteful body. Slightly sweet with bal

    € 40,95

    • Koppert Cress BlinQ Blossom® CupCard 20 pcs

    BlinQ Blossom® CupCard 20 pcs

    BlinQ Blossom is a robust, juicy plant. With its crystalline appearance, it is a real eye-catcher in the range.

    € 13,95

    • The Wasabi Company Togarashi shichimi 7 spice mix

    Togarashi shichimi 7 spice mix

    Togarashi Shichimi is a 400 year old Japanese spice blend, consisting of a mix of seven ingredients. It is widely used to season a variety of dishes, including rice, noodles, meats, and even desserts.

    € 13,45

    • Nōyūsha Ōindō Traditional Umeboshi 200gr

    Traditional Umeboshi 200gr

    Umeboshi is a traditional Japanese dish made from dried and preserved plums. They have a distinctive taste of sour, salty and sweetnes. Umeboshi is usually used as a filling for onigiri rice balls or bento boxes. In addition, it contains many good nutrien

    € 14,80

    • Koppert Cress Vanilla Planifolia Red  6 pcs

    Vanilla Planifolia Red 6 pcs

    Planifolia Red, a Dutch 'Vine riped' vanilla (ripening on the plant); as nature intended. By letting the bean hang longer on the plant, it gets an even more beautiful flavour profile and countless new possibilities.

    € 65,-

    • Sushi nori sheets 50st

    Sushi nori sheets 50st

    Full size premium quality nori sheets. Light roasted and perfect for sushi rolls. From the Ariake sea.

    € 29,95

    • Inoue Honten Gotoku brown miso

    Gotoku brown miso

    Authentic hand-made brown miso. without any additives or preservatives.

    € 12,95

    • The Wasabi Company Yuzu soy sauce

    Yuzu soy sauce

    A delicious combination of freshly squeezed yuzu juice and premium quality soy sauce made from whole soya beans aged in cedar casks. The skilled craftsmen of the Yugeta family carefully combine umami and citrus using the powerful aroma of yuzu with the ri

    € 15,35

    • The Wasabi Company Sudachi kombu ponzu

    Sudachi kombu ponzu

    A traditional ponzu sauce suitable for vegans. The peppery lime flavour of fresh sudachi juice combines with kombu seaweed stock for a rich umami flavour that is the essence of Japanese cuisine. Ready to use direct on salads or as part of a dressing, an e

    € 16,75

    • Tomasu Tomasu Signature soy souce Salt 100ml

    Tomasu Signature soy souce Salt 100ml

    Brewed in The Netherlands, Tomasu has grown its own soy beans and wheat in the Hoeksche Waard. These ingredients are combined with spring water and natural coarse grey sea salt, harvested in Bretagne, France. The fermentation is started by the addition of

    € 12,50

    • Hokkai Hokkai Kioke white miso

    Hokkai Kioke white miso

    Authentically aged white miso in wooden barrels. This miso is not overpowering but full of umami.

    € 17,50

    • Sakai Takayuki Yanagiba 270 mm AUS-8 INOX

    Yanagiba 270 mm AUS-8 INOX

    Perfect for cutting sashimi made from a very user-friendly AUS-8 stainless steel.

    € 165,-

    • The Wasabi Company Vegan Yuzu mayonnaise

    Vegan Yuzu mayonnaise

    The aromatic and tart flavour of fresh yuzu, with notes of lemon, mandarin and grapefruit, combines exceptionally well with this all natural mayonnaise. An excellent topping to salmon or crab canapés, yuzu mayo also makes an original, zesty dip and is del

    € 4,95

    • Rooij Tawa Sujihiki 270mm

    Tawa Sujihiki 270mm

    Long, narrow, graceful Sujihiki knife that is mainly used for removing tendons and fat from meat, portioning meat or fish, or for filleting and skinning fish.

    € 235,-

    • The Wasabi Company Yuzu jam

    Yuzu jam

    Famously flavourful and aromatic yuzu citrus fruit with perfectly balanced sweetness. Delicious on toast this jam also adds a unique and powerfully moreish flavour to pastries.

    € 9,35

    • Koppert Cress Algae Powder Aventurine 180 gram

    Algae Powder Aventurine 180 gram

    Algae Powder Aventurine starts with the familiar umami Algae flavour after it transitions into a slightly sweet and sour aftertaste.

    € 21,-

    • NISHIKAWA SHOTEN Wasabi oil 55gr

    Wasabi oil 55gr

    Made with fresh wasabi. Sharp flavor. Great for seasoning carpaccios, tartares, sushi, salads, rare steaks or pizza. For fish carpaccios, it works best with white fish. Beautiful with raw langoustines and shrimps or scallops.

    € 21,-

    • Koppert Cress Yka Leaves®  15 pcs

    Yka Leaves® 15 pcs

    Yka Leaves have a robust, acidic flavour with a slightly sweet undertone. With their deep purple colour and delicate markings, they are extremely decorative.

    € 9,95

    • Koppert Cress Gangnam Tops 50 pcs

    Gangnam Tops 50 pcs

    A decorative and natural stem with a crunchy and fresh mouthfeel. The fresh Gangnam Tops turn into a slightly bitter taste reminiscent of purslane.

    € 10,95

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