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    • Marurazaki Katsuobushi 500gr (12L)

    Katsuobushi 500gr (12L)

    Also called bonito flakes. Thinly shaved, dried and smoked tuna. Perfect for making 12L stock or as a topping.

    € 44,50

    • The Wasabi Company Togarashi shichimi 7 spice mix

    Togarashi shichimi 7 spice mix

    Togarashi Shichimi is a 400 year old Japanese spice blend, consisting of a mix of seven ingredients. It is widely used to season a variety of dishes, including rice, noodles, meats, and even desserts.

    € 13,45

    • Dutch Wasabi Dutch ginger juice 250ml

    Dutch ginger juice 250ml

    Pure ginger juice made from our own Dutch ginger. For a delicious ginger tea, as an addition to a juice or smoothie. Can also be used in a sauce or dressing.

    € 8,95

    • Sakura rice vinegar

    Sakura rice vinegar

    An amazing vinegar flavored with sakura blossom.

    € 19,95

    • Ōta Shuzō Kokoro


    Full-body, slightly dry sake. Rich combination of a deep rice-taste, lots of umami, and a pleasant light aroma. Limited-edition, small-volume brew with an extremely high cost-performance.
    This all-round sake can be enjoyed at all temperatures and combin

    € 27,95

    • Yakitori fan (uchiwa)

    Yakitori fan (uchiwa)

    Also called binchotan fan. The perfect tool to get your charcoal to the right temperature. Made in Japan.

    € 25,-

    • Inoue Honten Gotoku brown miso

    Gotoku brown miso

    Authentic hand-made brown miso. without any additives or preservatives.

    € 12,95

    • The Wasabi Company Purple shiso tea

    Purple shiso tea

    Grown in the UK and carefully dried to create a deliciously different, delicately flavoured tea.

    € 6,25

    • The Wasabi Company Smoked Soy Sauce

    Smoked Soy Sauce

    Wasabi label superb smoked soy sauce, achieved using cherry wood, this soy has a very powerful smoky flavour.

    € 12,50

    • Kōbara Suzō Natural rice Vinegar

    Natural rice Vinegar

    Most authentic vinegar made in Japan. Hand-made on the basis of local natural cultivated rice in the traditional way, letting nature slowly ferment the intermediary product of sake over three months into vinegar. Soft and elegant acidity, with a flowery a

    € 11,-

    • Hinode Sweet smoked vinegar

    Sweet smoked vinegar

    A sweetened Rice vinegar smoked with sakura cherry wood chips. Traditionally used to marinating fish or  seaweed salads. Gives a nice sweet smoky flavor to your dishes.

    € 18,95

    • Liquid Shio Kōji

    Liquid Shio Kōji

    Ready source for umami. Will enrichen the taste of any taste.

    € 8,95

    • Sushi nori sheets 50st

    Sushi nori sheets 50st

    Full size premium quality nori sheets. Light roasted and perfect for sushi rolls. From the Ariake sea.

    € 29,95

    • Dutch Wasabi Dutch Wasabi/Soy sauce Gift Pack

    Dutch Wasabi/Soy sauce Gift Pack

    Unique wasabi gift box. Nice as a gift or as Christmas box. This box consists of 50 grams of fresh wasabi, Tomasu Soy sauce (salt), our Dutch Wasabi grater and a bamboo brush. These products are packed in our black Dutch Wasabi gift box.

    -5% Sale

    54,50 € 51,75

    • The Wasabi Company Wasabi mustard

    Wasabi mustard

    An original, all natural mustard recipe specifically created to combine with the authentic flavour of fresh wasabi grown

    € 5,95

    • Kidoizumi AFS


    AFS, the limited young and unpasteurised version of the 30 year aged sake AFS, is made by the ‘hot yamahai’ method only used by the brewery Kidoizumi. The result is an intense mix of incredibly high levels of sweetness and acidity, which combine into a so

    € 29,50

    • Miyoshino Jōzō Tarumaru


    Young and fresh sake, briefly matured in a wooden cask. The brewery is located in Yoshino, the village known as the best producer of cedar-wood casks. The attractive cedar aroma is perfectly in balance with the fresh and full qualities of this young and

    € 16,95

    • NISHIHARA Hoba Leaves (Dried, Brown) 50pcs

    Hoba Leaves (Dried, Brown) 50pcs

    Derived from the Japanese magnolia tree, traditionally used to wrap and grill food, They impart a subtle, earthy flavor but are not eaten. 30 cm long

    € 19,95

    • Rooij Mac Pro Honesuki 160 mm

    Mac Pro Honesuki 160 mm

    The perfect boning knife. E.g. for preparing your Yakitori. Double bevel knife.

    € 125,-

    • Sakai Takayuki Yanagiba 270 mm AUS-8 INOX

    Yanagiba 270 mm AUS-8 INOX

    Perfect for cutting sashimi made from a very user-friendly AUS-8 stainless steel.

    € 165,-

    • The Wasabi Company Wasabi mayonnaise

    Wasabi mayonnaise

    Fresh tasting, all natural mayo perfectly balanced with the mild, authentic flavour of fresh wasabi grown in spring water on our Dorset and Hampshire farms. Wonderfully moreish and versatile, this is the only mayonnaise in the world made with English wasa

    € 5,95

    • Tomasu Tomasu Sweet Spicy Soy Sauce 100ml

    Tomasu Sweet Spicy Soy Sauce 100ml

    Brewed in The Netherlands, this sweet & spicy soy sauce is flavored with sugar, extracted from locally harvested sugar beets, sesame seeds and Madam Jeanette peppers. Using Tomasu’s signature soy sauce as a basis, the heat is softened, allowing the taste

    € 15,-

    • Roasted Kimchi sesame seeds

    Roasted Kimchi sesame seeds

    Roasted sesame seeds with spicy Kimchi flavor. Perfect as a topping for rice, ice cream, meat dishes or salads.

    € 6,50

    • Dutch Wasabi Bonsai apple tree Malus serie 2

    Bonsai apple tree Malus serie 2

    These pre bonsais are 7 years old. They have been expertly cared for and pruned into a first model. Perfect as a start for a beautiful flowering bonsai.

    € 65,-

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