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The stem or the rhizome is the most valuable part of the wasabi plant. These Dutch grown wasabi rhizomes toke 18-24 months to grow full-size. They are harvested to order to ensure their freshness. Sizes vary between 30 and 100 grams. We recommend 50 grams Read more
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This is your chance to grow your own wasabi at home. The wasabi plant you receive is several months old. Nice for in the garden or on the window band. Completely edible and frost resistant. Harvest your own wasabi rhizome within 2 years. Read more
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Surprise yourself or someone else with this sake tasting set from restaurant De Japanner from Amsterdam gives you an insight into the versatility of sake. 5 sake from 4 really special breweries. Read more
Dutch Wasabi
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Macarons with unique flavors: 2x Wasabi, 2x Ginger, 2x Yuzu and 2x Sake Read more
Heiwa Shuzō
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Yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit popular in restaurants around the world, is now an intensely refreshing sake drink. Slightly sweeter than the Yoigokochi Yuzu and yet a nice balance between sweetness and sourness. Read more
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Standard Japanese grater. This grater produces a fine paste. It can be used with wasabi or ginger. Ideal for occasional use. For optimal use you should use a bamboo brush to collect the paste from the grater. Read more
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Brewed in The Netherlands, Tomasu has grown its own soy beans and wheat in the Hoeksche Waard. These ingredients are combined with spring water and natural coarse grey sea salt, harvested in Bretagne, France. The fermentation is started by the addition of Read more
Uehara Shuzō
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Unpasteurized and undiluted ginjo sake. Still contains the finest part of the fermentation sediment, resulting in a cloudy colour and a very delicate rice fragrance. Full-bodied dry sake, with a velvety aftertaste. Drink at all temperatures. Store dark an Read more
Chikumanishiki Shuzō
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Fruity elegant unpasteurized sake from the Japanese Alps.
Sweet and aromatic like pear and apple, but extraordinarily
full-bodied for a ginjo sake.
Recommended with sushi and sashimi and light starters.
Drink cold. Store in refrigeration. Read more
Ōta Shuzō
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Full-body, slightly dry sake. Rich combination of a deep rice-taste, lots of umami, and a pleasant light aroma. Limited-edition, small-volume brew with an extremely high cost-performance.
This all-round sake can be enjoyed at all temperatures and combin Read more
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Japanese Good Design Award winner 2018: Hagane-Zame Wasabi Grater. This pro version is our largest grater and essential in every professional kitchen. Read more
Inoue Honten
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Kōji is a healthy fungus that is central to key ingredients of Japanese cuisine like soy sauce, miso and sake. With dried kōji rice you can easily make your own miso, shio kōji, amazake or any other fermented food. Read more