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Hardy, 100-120 cm tall. Similar to a lemon but less sour, sweeter and more complex. These trees usually give the fruits within 2 years.

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Meyer Lemon tree Large

Be aware: please read the notes below at "Shipping"

This Meyer lemon tree is also known as Citrus meyeri and is grafted onto a Citrus trifoliata 'Flying Dragon' rootstock. Flying Dragon is one of the hardiest citrus trees available.

These trees are suitable for growing indoors or outdoors in pots. After two years from purchase, they can also be planted in the ground. They bloom in spring and, depending on the weather, can bear fruit within two years.

All trees have a height between 100-120cm (including pot) and were grafted at least 18 months ago.

For trees kept outdoors, we recommend planting them in a pot for the first two years and placing them in a sheltered spot during winter while protecting them from frost. Then, plant the tree in the ground in spring. Additionally, we recommend protecting the tree from severe frost for the next 3 years, for example, by wrapping it up.

A Meyer lime looks like a large lemon. Only this one is less sour, sweeter and spicier.

Growing Guide


Plant the tree outdoors in a sunny, south-facing, sheltered location. Ensure loose soil. Clay soils should be mixed with sand to allow for good drainage. Water once or twice a week in dry conditions. The tree doesn't like constant wet feet.

In a pot, use freely draining compost, additional perlite or bark to improve drainage. Repot the plant every 1-2 years.


As the weather warms up, flowering begins. However, most of the flowers will eventually drop off. This is the plant's way of regulating the number of fruits it can bear. For the first few years, it is advisable to remove as many flowers/fruits as possible. This allows the plant to allocate more energy to growth. Additionally, many of the branches are still too weak to bear fruit.


To promote growth and health, we recommend providing citrus or olive tree fertilizer. If you choose a liquid variant, you'll need to administer it more frequently. Granules require less frequent application. Administer granules in spring and again in summer, which are the periods when the plant is most active.

The most common pests are aphids and mites. In a garden with many other plants, natural predators will be present enough. Additionally, you can spray the plant with water and a few drops of dish soap if these pests become too problematic.

In spring, new shoots will emerge. This is the moment to shape the plant. Below are two videos that explain how to do this effectively.

Be careful of the sharp thorns. They can be removed if they pose a danger.


When the fruits turn yellow they are ripe. This is usually from the beginning of winter to the end of winter. Because the fruits only ripen in winter, there is a risk that the fruits will freeze in severe frost. The tree will survive this but unfortunately not the fruit. Know that after harvesting, the fruits can be kept in the refrigerator for a long time.


We only ship these tree to The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. For wholesale orders, please contact us.

The trees are trimmed before shipping. The trees are then carefully shipped in a large plant box. However, it is possible that a branch may break. Don't worry, the tree will produce new shoots within a few months."

These are large trees and are therefore sent with a separate DHL shipping service. This usually offers the package twice. If it is not possible to deliver the package in these two times, it will be returned. Most pickup locations will not accept the package.



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    Meyer Lemon tree Large

    Meyer Lemon tree Large

    € 79,-