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    • Dutch Wasabi Fresh Wasabi Rhizome

    Fresh Wasabi Rhizome

    The stem or the rhizome is the most valuable part of the wasabi plant. These Dutch grown wasabi rhizomes toke 18-24 months to grow full-size. They are harvested to order to ensure their freshness. Sizes vary between 30 and 100 grams. We recommend 50 grams

    € 17,50

    • Dutch Wasabi Dutch lemon grass

    Dutch lemon grass

    Delicious fresh lemongrass grown in our own greenhouse. 250 grams. Stores well in the fridge for up to 10 days or for months frozen.

    € 5,25

    • Inno grow Dutch passion fruit L

    Dutch passion fruit L

    Passion fruit grown in the Netherlands. Full of juice and sweet. Large 57-77 grams.

    € 1,55

    • Dutch Wasabi Fresh Ginger 200 gram

    Fresh Ginger 200 gram

    This ginger is grown in the Netherlands. Besides a attractive appearance, the ginger is extra juicy and has a lot of flavour. Leaving a piece of the stem attached will increase the shelf life. The stems themselves also give off a lot of flavour in soups a

    € 3,95

    • Dutch Wasabi Myoga bulbs

    Myoga bulbs

    Grown in our own greenhouse; the flower buds of the Japanese ginger - Myoga.
    80 grams (4-5 bulbs)

    € 14,50

    • Dutch Wasabi Green yuzu

    Green yuzu

    The green yuzu is the unripe variety of the yellow ripe yuzu. The taste of lemon with the aroma of yuzu.

    € 5,50

    • Dutch Wasabi Sudachi


    Averaging 3-4 centimeters in diameter. Juicy, aromatic, an acidic, sharp, and tart flavor with herbal undertones and notes of cumin, dill, and white pepper.

    € 5,-

    • Dutch Wasabi Finger lime

    Finger lime

    100 grams (8-9 pieces)
    The fresh taste of lemon in a unique package, also called caviar lime or finger lime, are 5-10 cm long citrus fruits. The balls in the lime pop open when you eat them and are very refreshing.

    € 7,50

    • Dutch Wasabi Dutch Wasabi® Stalks 200gram

    Dutch Wasabi® Stalks 200gram

    Wasabi leaf stalks are the long slim stems attached to the rhizome and the leaves. They have a nice wasabi flavour with a mild wasabi heat. Thinly sliced as spring unions and dressed with one of our Japanese ponzus they make a rich, citrus dressed salad.

    € 11,95

    • Dutch Wasabi Dutch Wasabi® Leaves 10 st (100gram)

    Dutch Wasabi® Leaves 10 st (100gram)

    These heart-shape wasabi leaves are about 20cm wide. Great for pickling and decoration. Vibrant color and texture.

    € 9,50

    • Dutch Wasabi Dutch Wasabi® Flowers

    Dutch Wasabi® Flowers

    The Japanese eat most of the wasabi plant including the wasabi flowers. Wasabi flowers are tiny, cross-shaped white flowers that are in bloom from winter through early summer. They are decorative and tasteful. Each stem has a bunch of open flowers and bud

    € 10,95

    • Dutch Wasabi Kaffir lime

    Kaffir lime

    Unique citrusy flavor and a rich aroma.

    € 5,50

    • Koppert Cress Bean Blossom CupCard 20 pcs

    Bean Blossom CupCard 20 pcs

    Small, decorative purple flower with a sweet bean-like flavour and a crispiness at its heart.

    € 12,50

    • Koppert Cress BlinQ Blossom® CupCard 20 pcs

    BlinQ Blossom® CupCard 20 pcs

    BlinQ Blossom is a robust, juicy plant. With its crystalline appearance, it is a real eye-catcher in the range.

    € 14,75

    • Koppert Cress Dushi® Buttons CupCard 50 pcs

    Dushi® Buttons CupCard 50 pcs

    Very sweet, with mint and perfume. One button on a dessert is already a surprise.

    € 10,50

    • Koppert Cress Floregano® CupCard 20 pcs

    Floregano® CupCard 20 pcs

    The aroma of Floregano is instantly reminiscent of the Mediterranean. The taste of fresh oregano.

    € 12,50

    • Koppert Cress Jasmine Blossom CupCard 25 pcs

    Jasmine Blossom CupCard 25 pcs

    Jasmine is mostly known as an ingredient for tea, but it can be used infusion in many different ways.

    € 13,50

    • Koppert Cress Sechuan Buttons® CupCard 30 pcs

    Sechuan Buttons® CupCard 30 pcs

    For some people, the taste of the Sechuan Button, resembles an ‘electric’ shock. It starts with a champagne-like sensation at the top of the tongue.

    € 12,50

    • Koppert Cress Zallotti Blossom  10 pcs

    Zallotti Blossom 10 pcs

    Zallotti Blossom is a decorative sprig with several small purple flowers. It comes from the African basil plant and has a strong flavour of basil combined with mint.

    € 14,25

    • Koppert Cress Gangnam Tops 50 pcs

    Gangnam Tops 50 pcs

    A decorative and natural stem with a crunchy and fresh mouthfeel. The fresh Gangnam Tops turn into a slightly bitter taste reminiscent of purslane.

    € 11,50

    • Koppert Cress Hippo Tops 50 pcs

    Hippo Tops 50 pcs

    Hippo Tops is a watercress selection, with purple markings at the end of the leaves.

    € 6,95

    • Koppert Cress Salty Fingers®  50 pcs

    Salty Fingers® 50 pcs

    Salty Fingers® is the Koppert Cress brand name for an edible leaf. Salty Fingers is a decorative, but tasty ingredient. The crunchy texture and salty, slightly bitter taste are a valuable addition to the salty products.

    € 10,95

    • Koppert Cress Sea Fennel  50 g

    Sea Fennel 50 g

    Sea Fennel has a number of uses in the culinary field. Working with Sea fennel requires precise dosage due to its concentrated aromas. When it is blanched, the full asparagus flavour is most evident.

    € 10,50

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