Myoga - Japanese Ginger bulbs

  • Myoga - Japanese Ginger bulbs

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Grown in our own greenhouse; the flower buds of the Japanese ginger - Myoga.
80 grams (4-5 bulbs)

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    Product description

    Myoga - Japanese Ginger bulbs

    Unique fresh aroma of shallot and ginger 

    Grown in our own greenhouse; Season July - September

    Packed per 80 gram (4-5 bulbs) 

    What is Myoga?

    Myoga is also known as Japanese ginger. It's from the ginger famaly (Zingiber mioga). However, the tuber is not edible, the flower buds are. These grow from below and when they rise above the ground, flowers emerge from the bud. Therefore, the bud is harvested just before this moment.

    How does Myoga taste?

    The taste of myoga is special. It's unrecognizable. It looks a bit like ginger but also like a shallot. Fresh and sweet at first with a sharp aftertaste later on.

    How do you use Myoga?

    Myoga can be used as a garnish, for example on rice dishes, in salads, you can pickle them or fry it in tempura batter.


    Myoga is normally grown in Japan in the fields in rows with the ground covered in a very thick layer of leaves. The leaves are used to be able to harvest the bulbs before flowering. They bring in new leaves from the mountains every year. 

    In 2020 we started growing our first myoga plants. We started with just a few plants in large buckets. We started to propagate them and sell a small batch to our customers. We soon figured out a system to grow and harvest myoga effectively. We are still learning every day. However, we are were very happy with the result. 


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      Myoga - Japanese Ginger bulbs

      Myoga - Japanese Ginger bulbs

      € 14,50