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    • Nagatani-en Kamado-San 3 Cups rice cooker

    Kamado-San 3 Cups rice cooker

    An authentic Donabe for rice and other dishes. The way the Donabe is heated and builds up pressure, you get extra tasty and fluffy rice.

    € 195,-

    • Dutch Wasabi Crosne, Japanse Andoorn

    Crosne, Japanse Andoorn

    Crosne is a exclusive edible tuber. They never really broke through, but are used more and more in trendy restaurants and toko's. Very easy to grow and hardy.

    € 5,95

    • Hokkaido Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi Sushi rice

    Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi Sushi rice

    Good balance between sweetness and stickiness, also when cold. This makes it very good for sushi, maki and onigiri. It was ranked the highest "special A" in the rice evaluation program for 11 years in a row.

    € 16,95

    • Rooij Tawa Santoku 170mm

    Tawa Santoku 170mm

    Santoku is Japanese for "three purposes" (San=three, Toku=purposes). In this case, chop, dice and mince. This knife is slightly smaller than the Gyoto's from this series and is therefore slightly lighter.

    € 164,-

    • Koppert Cress Vanilla Planifolia Black 6 pcs

    Vanilla Planifolia Black 6 pcs

    Dutch premium cultivated vanilla, handpicked and ripened in special ripening cabinets. Rich in marrow and vanillin. A full, intense and enchanting romance between flowers and spices.

    € 45,-

    • Dutch Wasabi Kaffir lime

    Kaffir lime

    Unique citrusy flavor and a rich aroma.

    € 5,50

    • The Wasabi Company Organic soy sauce

    Organic soy sauce

    A premium quality soy sauce made from whole organic soya beans, aged in traditional cedar casks for a minimum of one year according to a recipe passed down through four generations of the Yugeta family. The rich aroma and perfect balance enhances the flav

    -17% Sale

    11,95 € 9,95

    • Dutch Wasabi Sudachi


    Averaging 3-4 centimeters in diameter. Juicy, aromatic, an acidic, sharp, and tart flavor with herbal undertones and notes of cumin, dill, and white pepper.

    € 5,-

    • Nagatani-en Kamado-San 5 Cups rice cooker

    Kamado-San 5 Cups rice cooker

    An authentic Donabe for rice and other dishes. The way the Donabe is heated and builds up pressure, you get extra tasty and fluffy rice.

    € 295,-

    • Rooij Tawa Gyuto 210mm

    Tawa Gyuto 210mm

    The Japanese version of the classic Western chef's knife. A all-rounder which you can use to chop, cut and rock.

    € 199,-

    • Yamamoto Katsunosuke Honten Japanese Sansho pepper (powder)

    Japanese Sansho pepper (powder)

    Key spice of Japanese cuisine, that combines a distinct elegant aroma with a pleasant pungency, that numbs the tongue for a few seconds. Specially selected and grinded big peppers from the Wakayama region. Enhances a wide variety of vegetable, fish, poult

    € 8,20

    • Dutch Wasabi Dutch lemon grass

    Dutch lemon grass

    Delicious fresh lemongrass grown in our own greenhouse. 250 grams. Stores well in the fridge for up to 10 days or for months frozen.

    € 5,25

    • Koto Kyoto Negi oil

    Negi oil

    Award-winning Japanese oil with an exceptionally soft negi flavor.

    € 29,95

    • Moriki Shuzō Sake Kasu

    Sake Kasu

    Sake Kasu or Sake Lees is the solid left-over of the sake brewing process. This sake kasu is full of flavour, sweet and fruity. Use it for marinating fish or soup bases.

    € 8,20

    • Marurazaki Katsuobushi 500ml (20gr)

    Katsuobushi 500ml (20gr)

    Also called bonito flakes. Thinly shaved, dried and smoked tuna. Perfect for making 500ml stock or as a topping.

    € 5,45

    • Murasaki Kuyou Murasaki soy sauce 720ml

    Kuyou Murasaki soy sauce 720ml

    Incomparable soy sauce due to it's ancient brewing methods. Low in salt and very rich in umami.

    € 34,95

    • NISHIKAWA SHOTEN Yuzu Wasabi oil 140gr

    Yuzu Wasabi oil 140gr

    Made with fresh wasabi and yuzu. Enjoy the rich aroma of yuzu, accompanied by the authentic fragrance and pungency of wasabi. Great for seasoning carpaccios, tartares, sushi, salads, rare steaks or pizza. For fish carpaccios, it works best with white fish

    -20% Sale

    34,95 € 27,96

    • Tomasu Tomasu Signature soy souce Salt 200ml

    Tomasu Signature soy souce Salt 200ml

    Brewed in The Netherlands, Tomasu has grown its own soy beans and wheat in the Hoeksche Waard. These ingredients are combined with spring water and natural coarse grey sea salt, harvested in Bretagne, France. The fermentation is started by the addition of

    € 20,-

    • Shiso syrop

    Shiso syrop

    Concentrated purple shiso syrup. Perfect for a delicious mocktail or dessert.

    € 17,50

    • Koppert Cress Majii Leaves 25 pcs

    Majii Leaves 25 pcs

    Juicy fresh leaf with strong flavour adopting capacity. The natural capacity of storing moisture allows a chef to ‘upload’ various flavours to the Majii Leaf.

    € 11,95

    • Dutch Wasabi Oni Wasabi grater Pro

    Oni Wasabi grater Pro

    As smooth as a sharkskin grater without the wear and much more hygienic. A Expression of Japanese innovation. A most have for every professional kitchen.

    € 249,-

    • Tamagawa Ice Breaker

    Ice Breaker

    Very popular in Japan. Light fruity ginjo-sake, soft and smooth, to be drank on the rocks.

    € 22,95

    • Rooij Miraiden Bunka 160mm

    Miraiden Bunka 160mm

    This Bunka knife with a AUS10 core is similar to the Santoku. Suitable for chopping, dicing and slicing. Handy with a high blade for good control.

    € 139,-

    • Dutch Wasabi Sake tasting 3x 300ml Gift Pack

    Sake tasting 3x 300ml Gift Pack

    3 beautiful sake bottles of 300ml to experience the rich taste palette of sake in a luxurious gift box.

    -11% Sale

    56,- € 49,95

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