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Traditionally fermented and more than 20-year aged Biden is a light koshu (old sake). Soft and full-bodied with caramel tones. Good with meat, as well as soysauce and miso seasoned and even spicy dishes. Drink at room temperature or slightly warmed up. St

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    Product description

    Biden 1999

    BIDEN 1999

    Japanese aged sake - 100% pure rice wine

    Made from locally grown Yamadanishiki rice, fermented in the traditional yamahai method, and aged at room temperature, twenty-year aged Biden is a soft and full-bodied koshu. With caramel tones typical to aged sake.

    Recommended with

    Meat, as well as soy-sauce and miso seasoned and even spicy dishes.


    Mii no Kotobuki (formerly known as Inoue Gōmei) is a brewery with strong ambition founded in 1922. On the basis of local Itoshima Yamadanishiki rice along with small-volume and slow-pace brewing, it produces the Mii no Kotobuki, Biden, and Eiden brands, which have built up a strong following amongst sake connoisseurs. Also noted for its Mii no Umeshu plum sake, for which this seventeen-year aged version of Biden is used as basis.


    Specifications for: Biden 1999

    • Category Matured Deep
    • Type junmai yamahai koshu - aged 20+ years
    • Brewery Mii no Kotobuki
    • Region Mii, Fukuoka Prefecture
    • Country of origin
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    • Inhoud
    • Alcohol 16%
    • Serving Room temp. / warm
    • Storage Room temperature | chilled
    • Rice polishing 65%
    • Sake Meter Value -1
    • Acidity 2.0


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      Biden 1999

      Biden 1999

      € 29,95