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Sake is it's purest form. A rare pre-modern sake. The rice is polished merely 10% resulting in a deep rice taste, aroma and color. This sake is 100% natural. No yeast and lactic acid added. letting nature do its work in the slow-brew kimoto method.

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Product description

Katori 90 Namagen


Organic Japanse sake

This is the unpasteurised and undiluted (nama genshu) version of Katori 90. Sake as it was made a few centuries ago. True ‘liquid rice’ in taste, colour and aroma. All ingredients and elements are pre-modern: natural cultivated rice, natural yeast, slow-brew kimoto, unfiltered. The ‘90’ in the name is the polishing percentage and indicates that the rice was also polished in a pre-modern way, merely 10%. All this results in a very strong rice bran taste and lactobacillus acidity. Drink at all temperatures.


The Terada Honke brewery was founded around 1675 and they have returned to early modern and medieval brewing methods. This is the most radical brewery of Japan, not using modern machinery. Natural and handwork are the new keywords. Accordingly Terada Honke is one of the very few breweries that does not use any cultivated yeast or kōji, relying solely on the natural yeast culture of their brewery and hand-picked kōji. Most of the production is fermented in the slow-brew kimoto method where no lactic acid is added to the starter (moto). The rice they use is 100% cultivated using natural methods.


Specifications for: Katori 90 Namagen

  • Category Liquide rice
  • Type junmai kimoto muroka nama genshu shizenshu
  • Brewery Terada Honke
  • Region Katori, Chiba Prefecture
  • Country of origin Japan
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  • Inhoud 720 ml , 1.8L (if requested)
  • Alcohol 19.5%
  • Serving All temperatures
  • Storage Dark and cool
  • Rice polishing 90%
  • Sake Meter Value +5
  • Acidity 3.5


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    Katori 90 Namagen

    Katori 90 Namagen

    € 31,50