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The stem or the rhizome is the most valuable part of the wasabi plant. These Dutch grown wasabi rhizomes toke 18-24 months to grow full-size. They are harvested to order to ensure their freshness. Sizes vary between 30 and 100 grams. We recommend 50 grams Read more
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Standard Japanese grater. This grater produces a fine paste. It can be used with wasabi or ginger. Ideal for occasional use. For optimal use you should use a bamboo brush to collect the paste from the grater. Read more
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This is your chance to grow your own wasabi at home. The wasabi plant you receive is a large plant, more than 6 months old. The large heart-shaped leaves will immediately be a nice addition to your garden or balcony. They are well rooted t Read more
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Japanese Good Design Award winner 2018: Hagane-Zame Wasabi Grater. This pro version is our largest grater and essential in every professional kitchen. Read more