• Rooij Mac Pro Honesuki 160 mm

    Mac Pro Honesuki 160 mm

    The perfect boning knife. E.g. for preparing your Yakitori. Double bevel knife.

    € 125,-

    • Rooij Kamakura Sujihiki 240mm

    Kamakura Sujihiki 240mm

    Long, narrow, graceful Japanese Sujihiki knife with a unique handle that is mainly used for removing tendons and fat from meat, portioning meat or fish, or for filleting and skinning fish.

    € 149,-

    • Rooij Kamakura Bunka 180mm

    Kamakura Bunka 180mm

    This Japanese Bunka stainless steel knife with a unique handle is similar to the Santoku. Suitable for chopping, dicing and slicing. Handy with a high blade for good control.

    € 119,-

    • Rooij Kamakura Nakiri 175mm

    Kamakura Nakiri 175mm

    This Nakiri knife is sharpened on 2 sides with a thin blade profile and a unique handle. It is mainly used for chopping, slicing and mincing fruits and vegetables quickly and efficiently.

    € 109,-

    • Rooij Kamakura Gyuto 210mm

    Kamakura Gyuto 210mm

    The Japanese version of the classic Western chef's knife with a unique handle. A all-rounder which you can use to chop, cut and rock.

    € 119,-

    • Rooij Kamakura Petty 120mm

    Kamakura Petty 120mm

    A small utility Japanese knife with a unique handle that is used for peeling and cutting fruits and vegetables, chopping herbs and making garnishes.

    € 84,-

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