Tonburi (land caviar) 280 gram

  • Tonburi (land caviar) 280 gram
  • Tonburi (land caviar) 280 gram
  • Tonburi (land caviar) 280 gram
  • Tonburi (land caviar) 280 gram

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Tonburi, also known as "country caviar" or "field caviar", is truly Japanese and perfect as a garnish.

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Product description

Tonburi (land caviar) 280 gram

What is Tonburi and how do you use it in the kitchen?

Tonburi, also known as "land caviar" or "field caviar," is a unique Japanese edible plant seed that comes from the summer cypress plant (Bassia scoparia). It is a small, shiny, and black seed that resembles caviar in appearance but has a nutty and slightly bitter taste. Tonburi is often used in traditional Japanese cuisine, especially in the regions of Yamagata and Niigata.

How to use tonburi

Before using tonburi, it needs to be soaked in water to remove the bitterness and to rehydrate the seeds. To do this, rinse the tonburi seeds under cold water, then soak them in cold water for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Tonburi is commonly used in salads. After soaking, drain the tonburi and mix it with other salad ingredients like fresh vegetables, seaweed, or tofu. Add tonburi to rice dishes like sushi rice or chirashi-zushi (scattered sushi). After soaking and draining, mix the tonburi into the cooked rice. Tonburi can be added to clear soups or stews to give them a unique texture and flavor. Just add the soaked and drained tonburi to the soup or stew towards the end of the cooking process. Or use tonburi as a garnish for various dishes, including cold tofu, sashimi, or even as a topping for donburi (rice bowls).


Specifications for: Tonburi (land caviar) 280 gram

  • Content 280 gram
  • Ingredients Kochia seeds
  • Origin Japan


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    Tonburi (land caviar) 280 gram

    Tonburi (land caviar) 280 gram

    € 16,50