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Sake slightly sweet in taste and with a fruity aroma. In addition to our all-round sake, this sake is a perfect introduction to sake.

Chikumanishiki Shuzō
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Fruity elegant unpasteurized sake from the Japanese Alps.
Sweet and aromatic like pear and apple, but extraordinarily
full-bodied for a ginjo sake.
Recommended with sushi and sashimi and light starters.
Drink cold. Store in refrigeration. Read more
Fukuchiyo Shuzō
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The perfect ginjo sake, from the artisanal top-brewery Fukuchiyo, with a luxurious daiginjo-level polishing rate of 50%. Nabeshima Ginjo is a most elegant sake. Strong yet not-overbearing fruity aroma and a light but tasteful body. Slightly sweet with bal Read more
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A smooth organic Ginjō sake from Niida Honke. A hint of fruit aroma and light body. Slightly sweet with a balanced acidity. Read more