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Surprise yourself or someone else with this sake tasting set from restaurant De Japanner from Amsterdam gives you an insight into the versatility of sake. 5 sake from 4 really special breweries. Read more
Chikumanishiki Shuzō
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Fruity elegant unpasteurized sake from the Japanese Alps.
Sweet and aromatic like pear and apple, but extraordinarily
full-bodied for a ginjo sake.
Recommended with sushi and sashimi and light starters.
Drink cold. Store in refrigeration. Read more
Miyako Bijin
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Out of Stock - Alternatively, we ship Yuzu Sake from Huwei.
Self-designed yuzu-sake by our sake importer Yoigokochi. Bringing you the ultimate balance between sweetness and acidity. Yuzu, the Japanese citrus fruit so popular in restaurants all over the w Read more
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3 beautiful sake bottles of 300ml to experience the rich taste palette of sake. Read more
Dutch Wasabi Sake tasting 3x 300ml
Sake tasting 3x 300ml
Ōta Shuzō
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Full-body, slightly dry sake. Rich combination of a deep rice-taste, lots of umami, and a pleasant light aroma. Limited-edition, small-volume brew with an extremely high cost-performance.
This all-round sake can be enjoyed at all temperatures and combin Read more
Fukuchiyo Shuzō
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The perfect ginjo sake, from the artisanal top-brewery Fukuchiyo, with a luxurious daiginjo-level polishing rate of 50%. Nabeshima Ginjo is a most elegant sake. Strong yet not-overbearing fruity aroma and a light but tasteful body. Slightly sweet with bal Read more
Mukai Shuzō
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Fruity sake made from red rice. Unique combination of
sweetness, acidity, a slight bitter aftertaste and a smoky
aroma. Drink cold as aperitif. Store dark and cool. Read more
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A smooth organic Ginjō sake from Niida Honke. A hint of fruit aroma and light body. Slightly sweet with a balanced acidity. Read more
Terada Honke
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Sake is it's purest form. A rare pre-modern sake. The rice is polished merely 10% resulting in a deep rice taste, aroma and color. This sake is 100% organic. No yeast and lactic acid added. letting nature do its work in the slow-brew kimoto method. Read more
Uehara Shuzō
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Unpasteurized and undiluted ginjo sake. Still contains the finest part of the fermentation sediment, resulting in a cloudy colour and a very delicate rice fragrance. Full-bodied dry sake, with a velvety aftertaste. Drink at all temperatures. Store dark an Read more
Miyoshino Jōzō
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Young and fresh sake, briefly matured in a wooden cask. The brewery is located in Yoshino, the village known as the best producer of cedar-wood casks. The attractive cedar aroma is perfectly in balance with the fresh and full qualities of this young and Read more
Mii no Kotobuki
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Traditionally fermented and more than 20-year aged Biden is a light koshu (old sake). Soft and full-bodied with caramel tones. Good with meat, as well as soysauce and miso seasoned and even spicy dishes. Drink at room temperature or slightly warmed up. St Read more