Dutch Wasabi BBQ Pack

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Box containing fresh wasabi, Yakiniku dipping sauce, grater and bamboo brush in a beautiful gift box.

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    Dutch Wasabi BBQ Pack

    The bamboo brush is temporarily out of stock. This box is therefore shipped without a brush.

    BBQ with the flavour of Japan

    We are inspired by our customers who regularly order fresh wasabi and together with a nice piece of Wagyu meat, they make the most fantastic dishes. This gave us the idea of creating this BBQ box. 

    In Japans going out for yakiniku is a unique culinary experience. Typical barbeque restaurants may simply take your order and then serve your food once it’s cooked. In yakiniku restaurants, you’d choose your own meat to grill yourself! This way, you can control how rare you want your barbeque.

    Supposedly, the Koreans introduced the method of grilling meat to Japan in the Meiji era. Since then, the Japanese have embraced this cooking technique and made it distinctly their own. They have incorporated Japanese flavors that occur naturally in locally sourced beef, as well as special dipping sauces that vary in every restaurant.

    Most yakiniku restaurants in Japan typically serve chicken and pork choice cuts. But what people usually associate with yakiniku is Japanese beef. Japanese beef is called wagyu. Literally, wagyū (和牛) means “Japanese cow.” Still, its global popularity has given the term colloquial status and is also used to refer to the meat itself.

    Eating your barbeque with dipping sauce is the traditional method of eating yakiniku. In high end restaurants they could serve you fresh wasabi. Take you meat, put a small amount of freshly grated wasabi on top and dip it in soy sause or other dipping souce. 

    This set contains:

    These products are packed in our black Dutch Wasabi gift box.

    * can be stored in the fridge for two weeks. 


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      Dutch Wasabi BBQ Pack

      Dutch Wasabi BBQ Pack

      € 49,95 € 45,49